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Booksinvoice is an Indian online audiobook and podcast service operated under the company Agastya Voice & Infotainment Services Private Limited (AVIS). Its main objective is to make available the information of Indian history and world culture in the audio form in the field of education and entertainment.

We all know that the development of any country depends on the people living there and the education system. The contribution of the educated environment is most important because the income of the total population is considered as a measure of the developing or developed of a country. According to the 2011 census, the total number of persons with disabilities is about 2.68 Cr. Of these, about 50 lakh people are visually impaired, who are unable to read. Apart from these, even today about 25 percent of the population of India is deprived of education, while their number is even higher at the global level. In such a situation, booksinvoice.com has been established to bring books of all subjects in audio form to increase the level of entertainment as well as education. We also know that many people are not able to study books due to lack of sufficient resources and time. Keeping in mind such problems in the field of study, the company has decided to bring all kinds of written material (books, novels, poems, stories etc., literature and other educational material) in audio form through booksinvoice.com.

Booksinvoice is committed to teaching, entertainment and support especially to the handicapped (visually challenged).


Its main mission is to make the texts written by great personalities of India and the world easy to access in audio form to the world community. To make aware of the world's civilization, culture and literature especially to the disabled (blind) persons and to promote digital revolution in the field of education.


In the modern era, there has been a revolution in the field of digital technology. The impact of which is being seen in the field of study and teaching from everyday needs. With this digital revolution, the Indian Prime Minister has dreamed of making the country a Digital India. To fulfill this dream of digital revolution in the field of education, booksinvoice.com is striving to bring the entire education system in audio format. Let us make the dream of Digital India come true by walking step by step with digital technology (booksinvoice.com).

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