• Why Listen To Booksinvoice?

    It is an Indian audiobook and podcast service. All types of poetry, stories, novels, biographies, articles and other literature are podcasted on this platform. Materials related to many courses, including world culture, literature, environment, costume, heritage, science, entertainment, media, etc., are made available in the form of audio.

  • How To Create An Individual Account?

    To create an Individual account in Booksinvoice, first go to login. Now click on "Don't have an account? “Sign Up/Log In”. Enter your mobile number and click on “Generate OTP”. Now enter the OTP received on your mobile number and click on “Validate OTP” and proceed with the pop up of T&C and Privacy Policy. After this you will see a pop up of user id and password in which your user id (10 digit mobile [email protected]) and password (OTP) will be there.

  • Can I Change The User Id And Password Of The Account?

    You cannot change the user id of your account but you can change the password. For this, you go to the option of update profile from your my account and enter the password of your choice on New Password and Confirm Password and click on “Save Changes”.

  • How To Update Account Profile?

    After logging in to Booksinvoice, you can update name, address and everything by going to the update profile of my account.

  • How To Buy A Subscription On Bookinvoice?

    After account login, go to the subscription plan. Select the package of your choice from the given plan and click on Buy Now. If you have coupon then go to Apply Coupon otherwise click on Proceed to Pay. After this, fill the complete information including your Billing Name, Address on the opened page and complete the payment process. After that you can enjoy all the literature on booksinvoice.

  • What Is A Premium Book In Booksinvoice?

    In Booksinvoice, premium books mean an individual book which has a different price. You have to buy this book separately to listen it. The validity of each premium books may different. After buying it, you can listen only on booksinvoice till its validity date.

  • Can I Buy More Than One Premium Book On Booksinvoice At The Same Time?

    Yes, you can buy each premium book together. For this, you have to add each premium book to the cart and buy it together.
  • What Is Meant By Package In Booksinvoice?

    Package in Booksinvoice means the collection of all the books which are not Premium. If you buy a package or subscribe to Booksinvoice, you can listen to all the books that are not Premium.

  • Can I Also Listen To Premium Books When I Buy Packages On Booksinvoice?

    Yes, because all the content is included in the package.

  • What Is Individual And Organization Account? How Does This Work?

    If you use booksinvoice for yourself individually then it is login with Individual account and you can listen to audio only after purchasing Individual package while organization account is used for any organization only. With this account, many people of an organization can listen to audio simultaneously. You can create a sub user account inside your organization account in the number of organization users you enter while logging in to the organization account.

  • How To Activate Organization Account?

    After creating an organization account, you have to go to the organization package and make a subscription. After subscription, you can activate the account of your sub user by entering the email address of your sub user from the organization account. (Note: Remember that the email address of the sub user you are entering for account activation must have been created with the same email on booksinvoice through Individual login.)

  • Can Any Individual Account Be Activated Through Organization Account?

    Yes, but the details of the individual account must be with the organization account operator.

  • Whether The Organization Account Operator Has The Right To Close, Cancel Or Terminate The Service Of His Sub User's Account?

    Yes, the organization account operator has complete control of his sub user's account.

  • Where Can I Get My Subscription Details In Booksinvoice?

    You can get your subscription invoice under your profile section (Dashboard).

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